The goal of Chelmsford Better Not Bigger is to advocate for good government and sensible policies regarding physical development, economic development and sustainability planning. Chelmsford has suffered with a cadre of appointed and elected officials who have unwaveringly supported growth at the expense of quality of life for the residents, financial stability of the municipality, and economic stability for commercial enterprises located in or near the town. High commercial vacancy rates, unacceptable traffic, loss of open space, deteriorating aesthetics (especially in the historic district) and a disdain for sustainability planning have made Chelmsford a far less desirable location for both residents and businesses than it has ever been. There is no question that requirements for better planning include an informed citizenry and honest government. Corruption and cronyism continue to be problematic, and while they may be impossible to stamp out entirely, there are many steps that can be taken to limit their negative impact. Where those steps require leadership and/or financial resources, the Chelmsford Better Not Bigger project will endeavor to assist.

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